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I am honoured you are here reading this – my story, which explains how and why I am so passionate about helping you and your family. After a happy and successful primary school teaching career for 10 years, an unexpected change in my life left me lost and at the end of my life as I knew it…

Enter Kinesiology.

Finding Kinesiology and having regular balances (sessions), meant rediscovering myself, my inner spirit, my self power and happiness.  Direction, abundance, clarity and a new positive perspective were mine to claim.  I had found myself again, and over time, I grew in self awareness, self trust and self confidence. Kinesiology had even managed to clear up the excema and digestive issues that had bothered me for almost 25 years!

I then felt pulled towards helping others in the same way –  because Kinesiology had helped me so much, helping others using Kinesiology was my purpose, my calling  – to help others regain control over their life and themselves.  Over the years I have helped many women and children with all sorts of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances – gently assisting and guiding them back to themselves, to their point of power and inner strength.

With almost 20 years working with children, as well as being a mother myself, I have gained a warmth and insight into communicating and working with kids.  I enter each session with a genuine heart and I care deeply about my clients and I am completely committed to supporting them on their journey – kids and adults alike.

I am passionate about helping others with Kinesiology, and if you’ve found yourself here, looking for answers for you or your child, I’d be honoured to assist you.

With love and a grateful heart,



Christina is a Qualified and Registered Kinesiology Practitioner with over 7 years experience in the Kinesiology Industry and is the Business Owner and Practitioner of Chrysalis Kinesiology.

Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Teaching,
  • Bachelor of Arts,
  • Diploma in Kinesiology
  • Diploma in Childhood and Adolescent Counselling.

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