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Top Ten Benefits of Kinesiology for Kids and Teens

If you’re a parent who likes to know exactly ‘why’ and ‘how’ in relation to your child’s health and wellbeing, then Kinesiology is for you.  Are you looking for answers to understand why your child is unwell? Or why they cant sleep? Perhaps you want to know why that rash your child had always seems to come back despite trying various creams and ointments? Or how can you better support them, what are their specific nutritional or emotional needs? Whatever your dilemma, Kinesiology answers the questions ‘WHY?’ and ‘HOW?’

How? Kinesiology uses a technique called  Muscle Testing to find the answers, and to bring the whole body/mind system back into a state of balance.  How can kinesiology do this?  Well, by using Muscle Testing, Kinesiology accesses the information held in your child’s body, i.e. WHY the problem is there, WHERE the problem is and HOW to unlock the body’s innate healing system response we all have within us.  Thereby creating healing, better health, and wellbeing.

Kinesiology is holistic by nature and therefore can help treat any symptom your child may be presenting; by identifying the cause/s and bringing your child back into a state of balance. Below is a list of the top ten benefits of using Kinesiology with your child.

  1. Strong and robust Immune System
  2. Restful and regenerative Sleep
  3. Emotional Resilience counselling and support
  4. Identify the cause and treat physical distress, skin issues, aches and pains or recurrent illness
  5. Increased focus, study and learning ability in and out of the classroom
  6. Excellent social skills and positive peer interactions
  7. Calming and relaxation tools and strategies
  8. Food Intolerance Testing and diet support
  9. Increased self confidence and self esteem
  10. Assistance and support with physical strength, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills. 

Kinesiology is also great for children and teens with ADD, ADHD and on the ASD Spectrum.


I initially took my teenage daughter to see Christina for her acne.  She had suffered with skin issues all her life and we had tried creams, different face cleansers, toners, make up, but nothing worked completely.  And it was affecting her self esteem and she was being bullied at high school.  Christina identified that my daughter needed to completely change her diet, she tested up exactly the foods that my daughter needed to eat to cleanse her body from the inside out.  Christina also was able to help my daughter with some anger issues and self esteem, she helped rebuild her confidence.  Christina gave my daughter some herb capsules to take that were to help clear the skin. It took a while for the skin to clear up, but the more emotionally and hormonally balanced, the better her skin was.  I know that the emotional issues my daughter had been facing were manifesting in her skin.  After the first session and since then, she became more confident, happy, even helped around the house without complaining! Now when she has the odd outbreak we head back to have a kinesiology balance and clear the emotional issues and her skin.Thank you so much Christina  for your kind words, help and advice you have given to us.Hayley Greggs

My seven year old was completely out of control, angry, aggressive, anxious, even suicidal.  He suffered from lack of focus, sleep issues, social disfunction and many other issues.  That was until he started therapy with Christina.  In just the first appointment she was able to identify some of the causes for my sons distress and cleared the trauma.  Christina managed to achieve so much in one session I was so surprised.  My child has been seeing Christina for a while now and he is like a different person – more aware, calm, his sleep is much better and overall he is a lot happier now. Id highly recommend seeing Christina for your child (or yourself) if you’ve tried other things and they haven’t really worked.  I was so over all the different therapists my son was seeing and I found kinesiology by far the most helpful.  I even had a few sessions for myself to deal with all the stress. Alison Ward.My child was very anxious and could not fall asleep easily.  Christina helped him to release stress he was holding in his body.  She helped my child with focus in class, mood stability and also general self confidence.  I can really see the changes clearly from her therapy sessions with my child.  He is more settled and his behaviour and sleep are what I would call normal now.Sevda


Treatment Pricing:
Initial 1hour consultation:  $110
Subsequent 1 hour consultation:  $110
Subsequent 30 min consultation: $55

Health rebates available with selected insurers.

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