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Lets face it – we all want to be able to perform at our best.  In order to feel a sense of success and achievement, having clarity of mind, emotional confidence and physical endurance is a recipe for success.  So whether its in the classroom, in the office, the sports field, or just in every day ‘run about’ life, that you are needing to perform better, Kinesiology can be a key factor in really taking success and performance to the next level.  Assisting you to be able to give it your best with as much ease and grace as possible.

Kinesiology can support assist you (/your child) to learn, play, compete and reach goals to achieve your best in the following areas: 

– School learning – Kids and teens suffering from poor concentration, learning issues, difficulty sitting still, struggles with specific subjects (such as reading or maths etc), motivation and drive for exams, memory recall, gross and fine motor skills, basically any area that requires performance and focus, Kinesiology can assist.

–  Work – whatever line of work you are in – office, classroom, hospitality, home duties, creative arts, medical, whatever –  Kinesiology can assist you to achieve your best.  It may be that you want to be more efficient, more motivated, driven, organised, quicker, less stressed and more relaxed, remember things better, or anything related to better performance – Kinesiology can help with connect to why you aren’t performing at your best and clear those stressors and blocks, and set you on the path to success.

– Sport – to identify and clear any physical or emotional blocks standing in the way for better movement, agility, self confidence and drive.

– Clarity – to help sharpen your focus and assisting you to identify goals and a path for your  success

– Public Speaking/Presentations – to ensure that under stress you are able to function optimally and remain focused and calm (ie ‘integrated’). For example, you know when you’re under pressure and that piece of information is right on the ‘tip of your tongue’? Or you ‘know’ the answer, direction or information but you can quite seem to recall is as efficiently and accurately when you’re giving a presentation or public speaking – that’s when we have lost ‘Brain Integration’ – Kinesiology can rewire certain neural pathways and assist you to remain calm and focused under pressure – thereby performing at your best!

I have had amazing results for my master 7 with the guidance from kinesiology. He was a shy and lacked confidence when i first took him to see Christina and he has also witness a sick mum for a few years. I must admit his first time there was difficult in a sense a fought the process but after his second balance i saw such an improvement in his confidence, pronunciations and moods, even his teacher commented that he has come out of his shell. Christina helped determine food intolerances, a home structure and gave me the tools to help improve his confidence.
I wouldn’t go without kinesiology for me or my master 7. I love it.
I sought out Chrysalis Kinesiology to help clear mental blocks that was holding me back from achieving my goals in figure skating. Since Christina helped me release the mental blocks and any old beliefs, my training and focus has improved dramatically. Also my body wasn’t functioning at its optimum level, so Christina addressed any nutritional deficiencies. After adopting a new eating plan, my energy levels have improved and I no longer feel sluggish. I highly recommend Chrysalis Kinesiology to anyone who wants to find out the answers as to what exactly is holding them back from achieving their performance goals.

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