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Sleep is important, fact.

Do you feel like a zombie? Are you tired?

Does sleep stress your child out?

Do you or your baby/ child struggle to fall asleep or do you wake and cant fall back to sleep?

Do you or your child suffer from night terrors, sleep walking, snoring, sleep apnea, or other sleep related difficulties? Is having enough energy to do what needs to get done important to you? Have you already tried other methods such as a sleep clinic, sleep specialists, sleeping pills etc but you’re still looking for something else?


I use Kinesiology to release the stress held in your body or mind, or anything else that is preventing restful, adequate sleep  – so you or your baby/child can rest easy and live more energetically.

Health benefits of adequate sleep:

  • improves brain function, memory and processing information
  • assists weight loss,
  • improved quality of life,
  • stable moods
  • more stable blood sugar levels
  • even blood pressure
  • curbs inflammation
  • improves overall performance
  • sharpens attention and focus
  • lowers stress
  •  emotional stability


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I have been awake most hours of every night for the past 10 months with Ebony’s sleeping disorder. I tried EVERYTHING I could, even the specialists at the Royal Children’s Hospital were shrugging their shoulders! Two weeks ago I took her to see Christina and shes been sleeping through the night ever since!!  I feel too good and too grateful not to share this with everyone! Thanks so such, I owe you so much!Kate, Eltham


I have struggled with sleep, migraines and stress for years.  Christina helped me to identify the core issues and subconscious blocks that I was unable to find myself.  I had tried meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, drugs and everything else you can imagine but Kinesiology was the thing that really made the difference.Helen, Brighton East


Thank you so much for your help!! After 5 shocking nights and then speaking to you, I took your advice, implemented the changes to his diet, and our little man slept through the night! Thanks so much for your help ponce again!!Suzanna, Geelong


Thank you Christina for helping my little girl to feel relaxed and sleep more easily. Your suggestions helped and she feels so much better now.Tanya, Moorabbin

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