Kinesiology for weight loss

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Kinesiology for Weight loss and Detox Programs

Come in for a session to see what is holding you back from being your ideal healthy weight!
– I can ask your body what foods would suit you and which ones are working against you. 
– I can identify subconscious sabotages holding you back, like ‘I deserve a treat’, or ‘I must finish everything on my plate’, and others that may be lying beneath the surface and blocking your journey to your ideal healthy weight. 
– I can balance those emotional triggers and beliefs to be more healthy such as ‘I am worthy to take care of myself’ and ‘I am able to treat myself in moderation’. 
Kinesiology can also asses your body’s ‘set point’, which is the weight that your body has decided it should stay at, making it very difficult to lose weight beyond that point!  I can identify that set point, and reset it, making weight loss much easier for you! Kinesiology can also help your weight loss by having a look at your thyroid function, hormones, and other factors affecting weight loss. 

So come on in for an appointment and let me assist and support you with your weight loss journey so you can be all you want to be!

Time for a CLEANSE? Drop some unwanted kilos, reset your digestion and feel great! There are so many toxins in our environment, diet and general lifestyle (some of which we are unaware of).

Cleansing is great for WEIGHT LOSS, (getting rid of that toxic fat!), cleaning out your body from the inside, DETOXING, more energy, feeling lightness, mental clarity, improve overall wellbeing and RESET!

Personally I find cleansing for 3-7 days, every 3 months works well for me but everyone is different. Focusing on the abundance of fresh, vibrant fruit and veg we have access to here, rather than what we can’t have makes this cleanse so empowering and enjoyable!

Sounds great right? Ready to jump in? LET’S GO!

There are 2 options available to you:

1. Specific, individualised goal oriented with diet plan for the cleanse. With support and advice throughout.


2. The DIY ‘general cleanse’.

Option 1 – A cleanse designed for YOU! You are invited to come in for a kinesiology session with a specific goal in mind, such as weight loss or maybe you’ve been eating too much chocolate or refined foods and are feeling like you need some support to change that.  Other symptoms may include:
– Feeling sluggish, frumpy, or drained.
– Slower bowel movements and overall feeling ‘blah’.
– Rough, uneven or dry skin.
– Impaired mental clarity.

Are YOU relating to any of this? If you answered ‘Yes’, whatever YOUR BODY needs, I can INDIVIDUALLY and SPECIFICALLY use kinesiology to ask your body what kind of cleanse your body needs, ie liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, bowel cleanse etc. I also test up which nutrients or
herbs you may need to support your individualised cleanse. This works the best for the many clients I’ve already helped, and can for you too, accessing info directly from YOU about what YOU need.

What are you waiting for?!?! Jump right in – the time is now!

Option 2 – Non individualised DIY ‘general cleanse’. EAT: Loads of fresh (organic where possible) locally grown fruit and veg, raw, steamed, blended into smoothies (keeps all that great fibre you need for digestion and flushing out the toxins), salads, soups. Ensure you get enough good fats from avocados and coconut oil too!

Don’t eat: Everything else! No gluten, dairy, meat, eggs, fish, processed ‘food’ etc

**You may find a small (small!) handful of brown rice, nuts or quinoa is needed if you’re feeling weak. However if you’re eating an abundance of fruit and veg already then you should be accessing enough calories and balancing your blood sugar with the slow release natural glucose found in these foods.
You can support the cleanse with drinking chlorophyll that will support liver and kidney function and flush those toxins out even faster. You can find this in any health food shop or some chemists.
Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

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