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Have fun in a supportive and nurturing learning environment while you learn how to help yourself, friends and family using Kinesiology.

Below is the 2018 WORKSHOP and COURSE info.

Here at Chrysalis Kinesiology, I am offering wonderful workshops for 2018:

  1. Kinesiology specifically to help Kids;
  2. Kinesiology ‘Read the Body- Heal the Body’ Course;
  3. Chakra Workshop

Max 10 people per workshop. Places limited and filling fast – register your interest now. Click on the ‘Register now’ button to email me and reserve your space.

1. Kinesiology to help Kids

Will suit anyone searching for simple tools to help your child/teen.

Learn how to:

  • Help your child feel more confident and calm.
  • Identify foods that your child may be sensitive to that can affect their general emotional and physical wellbeing, and which foods are optimal for them.
  • Clear the cause of issues such as sleep, recurrent migraines, digestive issues, bed wetting, anxiety and symptoms of depression, skin irritations, mood swings, blocks around sport performance etc

And much more! See full website for more info on the many benefits of kinesiology.

Workshops held at Chrysalis Kinesiology in Moorabbin. Dates to be confirmed

Location: Chrysalis Kinesiology in Moorabbin
Cost & Date: Tbc
Register Interest now



2. Kinesiology ‘Read the Body – Heal the Body’ :

A sequence of 3 weekends that build on each other.  Based on the Internationally recognised ‘Touch for Health’ model of Kinesiology.

Learn how to assist your friends and family with simple Kinesiology techniques that have helped people all over the world!

Will suit people wanting to help others (including kids and babies) and themselves in a natural, gentle and empowering way. Learn how everything in your system is fascinatingly connected and intricate. This is a life changing course that will give you insights into yourself and others.

Great also for people already in the health industry (such as massage therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, Bowen therapists, naturopaths, homeopaths etc). After Kinesiology ‘Read the Body – Heal the Body’, you will certainly be well equipped to assist others effectively with a range of tools and a deeper awareness of the intricate workings of our systems and energy healing.

Have fun in a supportive environment learning how to:

  • Balance the Meridians (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine) and related emotions and organs.
  • Muscle test and empower (yourself and) others by learning how to ask their body and subconscious exactly which subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions are holding them back from being their best and bring them into alignment physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Identify exact foods that they may be sensitive to that can affect general emotional and physical wellbeing. Including which foods will strengthen and balance the system optimally.
  • Clear the cause of issues such as recurrent migraines, digestive issues, mood swings, sleep issues, blocks around money and business success, anxiety and symptoms of depression, relationship issues, skin conditions, muscular pain and other imbalances. And much more – See full website for more info on the many benefits of kinesiology.


There are 3 weekends held in total, each building upon the previous.
After just the first weekend you will be able to give someone a FULL treatment (‘Balance’), helping to release blocks, reach their goals easier, and relieve physical or emotional stressors holding them back from reaching their full potential.


Workshops held over 3 weekends.

Times are: Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 2pm-6pm at Chrysalis Kinesiology in Moorabbin.

Afternoon tea provided plus all learning materials.

Cost: $326 per weekend

Non refundable deposit required with registration: $100

Places limited to 10 people max.


Kinesiology 1: Saturday Jan 20 10am-4pm & Sunday Jan 21 2pm-6pm  Register now

Kinesiology 2: Saturday Feb 24 10am-4pm & Sunday Feb 25 2pm-6pm  Register now

Kinesiology 3: Saturday March 10 10am-4pm & Sunday March 11 2pm-6pm  Register now


More 2018 dates to come.


3. Chakra Workshops:

Learn about the 7 main Chakras, what they represent, what their role is in regulating the energy system of the body, how they can become imbalanced, and how to balance them on yourself and others.

Connect with others interested in energy medicine, conscious living, and self development.


Benefits include: feeling lighter and more balanced, self empowerment. Help yourself and others to feel amazing!  Clear blockages to emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of yourself and others.

No prior knowledge necessary.  Places limited.

All learning materials provided.

Cost $ 80

Non-refundable deposit required with booking : $50

email : to reserve your place!



Monday April 9th 7pm

Sunday April 22nd 2pm

More 2018 dates to come.





Thanks Christina for a great weekend.  Such practical and effective tools that I can take away to support my loved ones. A lovely bunch of people and a relaxed energy made the weekend too. Thanks Christina for your gentle guidance and care. Zoe xx Bundoora
I’ve been seeing Christina for treatments and balancing for a few months.  She mentioned she was running a Kinesiology workshop and I was immediately excited and intrigued.  I am a registered nurse wanting to explore a more holistic approach to health and I am looking forward to combining these techniques in mu future practise. The weekend was fun, comprehensive and ver welcoming. Thank you so much Christina. Heather Robertson, Box Hill.
Such an informative and enjoyable weekend course.  I have learnt so many techniques to energise, relieve pain and generally feel much happier in my life.  Thank you so much Christina. Anonymous, East Bentleigh
I attended Christina’s Touch for Health Kinesiology workshop and found it to be incredibly rewarding.  Christina is a fantastic teacher who shared with us her wisdom and guidance in an interesting and engaging way.  I would recommend this course to anybody keen to take charge of their health! Anonymous, Brighton East
I attended Christina’s course and found it to be very interesting.  Although somewhat confusing on the first day, it all fell into place on the second.  Very practical and useful in so many ways! A great weekend! Anonymous, Brighton East


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