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– Christina from Chrysalis Kinesiology is a true testament to professionalism and the practice of Kinesiology; she has passion and a drive to empower her clients to heal themselves and reach their true potential. A wonderful gift to share with the world! Kinesiology is an extremely powerful yet gentle modality, and there is no requirement to understand how or why it works, however via the profound transformations you will quickly learn and want to know more. It is a modality of healing that you just need to “experience” for yourself and I wish everyone could experience the benefits of Kinesiology as we, as a family, have with Christina. The wisdom inside each and every one of us helps us to love and accept ourselves and also take responsibility for own happiness. Kinesiology taps in to this innate wisdom. You will probably get more out a session than you ever thought possible!
– I first went to see Christina back in 2013 for my then 10 week old son who was very, very unsettled and had mucous and blood in his stools. Christina saved us. After implementing her recommendations my son was a completely different baby – he was finally happy and settled. I have also seen Christina myself for a range of emotional issues and she has worked wonders. After having recently moved, I now travel an hour to see her. I cannot recommend Christina enough!
– Our son had reached 3 years old and we had yet to see his stools change from runny baby poo to hard like sausage poo. After seeing a GP and Allergy Specialist we only found that he may be sensitive to dairies and that he was unable to digest sugars optimally. We tried a number of diets and ruled out certain foods yet we were still unable to establish what was triggering the watery diarrhoea. We were fortunate enough to meet Christina at Chrysalis Kinesiology and in a period of 6 months, by removing certain foods from his diet and introducing supplements to rebuild his digestive tract, we are now so pleased to be able see solid stools! Our son is able to eat most foods including some sugars and he’s happier than ever. We can’t thank Christina enough! Dot, Clarinda
– When my family first started seeing Christina I was amazed not only how accurate her balances were, but also how much better we felt afterwards. Christina has a grounded, caring and calm approach and clearly loves her work. She is great with my kids and treats them with equality. She is able to translate the emotions that arise for them with clarity and in a way that makes sense for them. I have gone on to learn the touch for health technique with Christina and have learned more about her joy and amazing aptitude for the work. Thank you Christina for you care and support toward me and my children. Many blessings for a life that gives to others.

– I have had amazing results for my master 7 with the guidance from kinesiology. He was a shy and lacked confidence when i first took him to see christina and he has also witness a sick mum for a few years. I must admit his first time there was difficult in a sense a fought the process but after his second balance i saw such an improvement in his confidence, pronunciations and moods, even his teacher commented that he has come out of his shell. Christina helped determine food intolerances, a home structure and gave me the tools to help improve his confidence. I wouldn’t go without kinesiology for me or my master 7. I love it.

– I sought out Chrysalis Kinesiology to help clear mental blocks that was holding me back from achieving my goals in figure skating. Since Christina helped me release the mental blocks and any old beliefs, my training and focus has improved dramatically. Also my body wasn’t functioning at its optimum level, so Christina addressed any nutritional deficiencies. After adopting a new eating plan, my energy levels have improved and I no longer feel sluggish. I highly recommend Chrysalis
Kinesiology to anyone who wants to find out the answers as to what exactly is holding them back from achieving their performance goals
– I live with chronic back pain, mental illness and a few other chronic illnesses. I’ve had spinal surgery, laparoscopies and several admissions to psychiatric facilities over the years. My entire state of health was at an all time low before I started seeing Christina. I was at the bottom of the bottomless pit of depression, my whole spine hurt day in day out, I would have migraines every other day and I had no motivation to do the things I needed to do to get better. Christina was recommended by a friend after I had tried just about everything to get some improvement, I went along to my first appointment not knowing what to expect but with an open mind. Three appointments with Christina have seen me go from the depressed, apathetic, unmotivated sick person I had been for about a year, back into the smiley, happy, laughing, vivacious woman I truly am. The biggest help is that we identified and cleared a huge emotional and psychological block that I had been holding on to subconsciously for years which was manifesting itself physically. After that clearing the pain I had felt in my neck and shoulders has all but disappeared and I feel a strong sense of closure. A close second is she has helped to determine the best combination of supplements and medications, exercise, writing activities and meditation times I should be taking and doing right now to continue to see improvements in my overall wellness. I cannot wipe the smile off my face since my last appointment a week ago, thank you so very much, Christina. H

I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend.You are a very inspirational teacher as you are obviously passionate about imparting your knowledge for the benefit of us all. It is really exciting and empowering learning how to balance each other. I am still buzzing on the excitement of what we learned this W/E

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