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Hey Mumma’s!

Welcome… If you’re looking for support and answers to your baby’s distress, look no further.

I’ve worked with many babies who have found relief from the gentle and nurturing Kinesiology techniques. If you’re feeling like there’s something a bit off and want relief for your little one or need an insight into why your baby is showing signs of distress or unusual symptoms, please contact me and I would be so honoured to assist you and your little one.

I help babies with the following symptoms:

  • constant crying
  • colic and reflux
  • strange faeces
  • pain relief
  • breastfeeding support
  • sleep issues
  • birth trauma
  • skin irritations

You and your baby don’t need to be distressed – there is no reason for that when Kinesiology can access the exact source of the issue and alleviate the symptoms using gentle techniques.

” I first went to see Christina back in 2013 for my then 10 week old son who was very, very unsettled and had mucous and blood in his stools. Christina saved us. After implementing her recommendations my son was a completely different baby – he was finally happy and settled. I have also seen Christina myself for a range of emotional issues and she has worked wonders. After having recently moved, I now travel an hour to see her. I cannot recommend Christina enough!” Lisa. Mt. Martha
“My baby was crying a lot and had a runny nose all the time. Christina was able to tell me which foods I was eating that were causing a reaction to my baby through the breastmilk. I changed my diet and she started feeding better and sleeping better too.” Rebbekah. Caulfield.
“My baby had a rash around his mouth and he was very pale. Christina helped him so much and now he is such a happy little bubba”. Annonymous. Cheltenham
“I was really struggling with everything after a traumatic birth experience. My baby was crying a lot, and wasn’t feeding well. The Maternal Health Nurse said he would grow out of it. But I had a feeling that he wouldn’t and besides, we were really not happy at all so I went to see Christina even though I had no idea what Kinesiology was. She changed my life. After the first session I could really tell my baby was so much happier. Then after the second session he wasn’t crying at all and he was feeding like a champ. Then I saw her for myself a few times and me and my baby were great after that.” Allissa. Caulfield North

Treatment Pricing:

  • Initial 1hour consultation: $100
  • Subsequent 1 hour consultation: $100
  • Subsequent 30 min consultation: $50
    Health rebates available with selected insurers.

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